Theo Karantsalis is a San Francisco native who lovingly served Miami's Black community for many years as an offbeat librarian. He speaks softly and carries a big pen.His work has appeared in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, National Herald, WLRN Public Media, High Times, and other outlets.

  • master’s degrees, University of Miami and Florida State

  • graduate, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA.

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security Bronze Medal recipient

  • past jobs: produce clerk (Oakland), junkyard mechanic (Berkeley), McDonald's cashier (San Diego), bank teller (Laguna Beach), auction house concierge (Newport Beach), loan officer (Carlsbad), house appraiser (Denver), immigration/customs inspector (San Francisco), Avis car shagger (Oakland airport),Conchita's jitney driver (Hialeah), Starbucks barista (Doral), CompUSA tech (Miami), U.S. OPM test administrator, Federal Reserve Bank guard, fingerprint tech, Home Depot electrical associate, TSA supervisor, law library intern, county librarian (Carol City, Opa-locka, North Central, Lemon City, Main), Miami Dade College librarian/professor (Liberty City), and more.

  • current: easy-going freelance writer who loves to tell community stories.

All minds are cracked to some degree — that is how the light gets in. - Theo

multiple sclerosis + schizophrenia + ADHD (big time!) = creative stories